June 2021 Forecast

Shows are back! Holy crap! Well, sorta.

I didn’t have Southern Brewing Company on my post-pandemic bingo card of places that will get us through the summer but here we are. I don’t drink or handle hot weather well but I will be making the journey out of the eastside and downtown to finally take in some local tunes.

There’s a lot of good shit here but I want to highlight a few shows I think you’ll be into:

6/10 – Monsoon, New Madrid and Wieuca

6/12 – Amplify Athens Festival

6/19 – Shehehe, Hayride, and Larry’s Homework

Meanwhile, back in town, you’ve got

6/2 – Tribe and Frenz at Livewire

6/4 – Deaf Condors, Fishbug, Telemarket (N.Finley St. See the band’s insta for details)

6/18 – Nicholas Mallis and Honeypuppy at Little Kings

I’m really excited to see more shows popping up and look forward to adding more to the list next month!

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