Local Action Roundup June/July 2021 Edition

Man, it’s a hot one. Let’s get on with it.

It’s officially festival season once again. So if you like sweating outdoors to music, this is your time to shine! If you’re the traveling type, head on down to Savannah this weekend for the Half-Ath Festival featuring Elf Power, New Madrid, and a host of others. Details here!

If travel is off the table for now, may I offer instead the upcoming Classic City American Music Festival? Southern Brewing Co. is hosting a July 4th party on July 3rd featuring folks like the Packway Handle Band, MrJordanMrTonks, and The Valley Below. Details at this link.

Anyone want to buy Kate Pierson‘s motel?

The historic Varsity (Athens) is closed. This isn’t a surprise to anyone following this story for a while but I’m sure some folk will be distraught. Am I sad the building is going to go? Yeah. But I’m not sad about the food. It was aggressively okay.

If you’ve been sleeping on the Hip-Hop Pit Stop this month at Live Wire, you’ve got two last chance to not miss the fun. Every Wednesday in June from 8pm-11pm is a new showcase. Check it out here.

I rejoined Instagram recently (still not convinced it’s worth it) but I did find a little shining light in the dark with SparklyAngstComics. They’re delightful. Go follow here.

In other social media I’m officially too uncool to be a part of, Dusty from Vision Video‘s “Goth Dad” tiktoks are a fun time.

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