Local Action Roundup: OH WOW IT IS AUGUST 2021 Edition

I…I don’t even know what’s happening right now because my brain refuses to believe we’re in the back half of 2021 and accelerating towards the holiday season. It just does not compute. Anyway, while I’m trying to sort my thoughts out, here’s some thoughts for you!

In “I Actually Did Things!” news, my piece on R.E.M.’s “Reveal” went live on God is in the TV on Friday. You can read it HERE. There’s also a new R.E.M. covers compilation coming out soon featuring a lot of cool folks. Details HERE.

Because I appreciate a good pun, I’ll mention here the formerly Athenian, currently Nashvillian band Walden‘s “Where’s Walden?” tour. The band will “attempt to plan a 50-state tour with a budget of $50.” If you want to wish the gang good luck and maybe buy some merch, they’ll be at The Loft in Atlanta on 9/10. Details can be found here.

Also kicking off a tour soon is Vision Video, beloved local provider of pizza skulls and goth tunes. The band starts at the 40 Watt on August 20th but is also playing frikken DRAGONCON apparently?! You can check HERE to see if our spooky group is playing near you.

Locally, our county is expected to re-introduce the mask mandate this week. I’m already hearing a lot of angry complaints from people in Oconee County about it, crowing that they won’t spend a dime here which, OK KAREN. Anyway, get vaccinated, wear a mask, don’t be a dumbass. The little ones are going back to school soon and can’t get vaccinated yet, there are high risk people amongst us, and the college age plague rats who refuse vaccination are upon us, emboldened by USG/UGA’s refusal to do any fucking thing to quash the virus. Yay…

Also locally, if you haven’t signed the petition to save the historic trees at the former Varsity site, HERE is the link.

As always, stay safe and let us know what you’ve got going on at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com

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