Masks Back On, Everyone.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, I guess. With the Delta variant posing an even more lethal threat to the health and safety of the masses, Athens-Clarke County has asked that everyone, even vaccinated individuals, wear a mask while indoors. It’s a common sense solution to a problem we shouldn’t be having.

This leaves a lot of venues to figure out what they’re doing regarding COVID protocols and most of the ones around town have requested that you at least wear a mask while inside. What remains to be seen is what happens when the artists coming through more frequently request proof of vaccination and negative COVID tests before playing to an audience.

We’re already seeing some conflicts unfold between governors and the uh, governed?, on this matter. Florida venues have begun reporting that artists have requested proof of vax at their shows and due to current law, the venues cannot legally require that. Now those artists are pulling out of the state. I’m not sure what ol’ Kemp is up to these days but I wouldn’t put this kind of idiotic thinking past him.

Either way, this is the most basic way to support your locals. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, get tested before a show, have fun. Is it more annoying than just showing up? Yes. But this is how you get to listen to indoor live music right now so do it or the music dies.