Local Music Links

Every once in a blue moon I try to update my links, references, and whatnot on this here old blog. So the following is a handy list of where to find shows, photos, and video from our little scene.


Your first stop to find info about upcoming shows, newly released albums, and everything local music should be HERE. The local alt-weekly is a small staff doing what they can with a limited budget but you’ll find no more comprehensive coverage in town than between the print pages of this magazine.


HERE is the link to the University of Georgia’s student run newspaper. I will admit that the quality can be a bit all over the place but generally this is a good spot to stop if you’re looking to get the student perspective on current events.


The local paper of record/legal organ of the town is not…great. Sorry. It was bought and sold and cut into pieces multiple times since the turn of the century and is barely a whisper of its former self. That said, you can occasionally find some events of note here.


I’m a bit biased as I currently have a GABBY award winning radio show on this station but hey, WUGA’s pretty nice. The local NPR affiliate broadcasts a variety of local music programming from The Guest List (with yours truly) to recorded live shows from Barbe’s MBUS program. Take a listen HERE.


You wanna get fucking weird with it? Well, here’s 90.5 fm, the student run station on UGA’s campus. Tune in HERE for obscure metal, hardcore, indie dreampop, poetry readings, and pretty much anything that mainstream radio won’t play.

DeadlyDesigns/Mike White Photography

Mike, in addition to being an all around rad dude, is one hell of a photographer and has been documenting shows in Athens (and sometimes beyond) for well over a decade. Click HERE to check out your faves in ways that you haven’t seen them before.

Volumes Hip-Hop

Part magazine, part pr machine, Volumes is THE place to learn about local hip-hop. They’ve been doing a stellar job at growing the scene and doing outreach since 2017 and they’re not slowing down. Get in on the ground floor HERE.


Need to actually SEE and HEAR live music all at the same time? Well you can, sorta, it’s recorded but it was LIVE over on Athens GA Live Music’s youtube channel HERE. There’s a ton of bands, different genres, song selections… you’ll spend hours, I swear.


Sloan, like Mike, has been a godsend when it comes to documenting live Athens music. Southern Shelter hosts a ton of mp3s and files of shows that you’re free to download (maybe please leave a tip!). Catch some rare shit here!

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