New Music monday

I am consistently blown away by folks managing to be creative right now. Heck, I’m struggling to get out of bed most days and here these artists are, releasing new music, and playing shows! Here’s some of the new stuff that’s been floating our way as of late.

First up, Sloan Brothers‘ cover of Springsteen’s “My Love Will Not Let You Down.” We’re still waiting on the debut album from our beloved local recording icon but Sloan has been teasing bits and pieces of excellence this year. But why Springsteen? Sloan says, “”I chose to cover this outtake from the “Born In The USA” album because there are a number of things on my upcoming record about my family, and I have several memories of my parents that are associated with listening to Springsteen.”

Next, we have Ixian. I’ve been deliberately trying to listen to more noise, experimental, and metal as of late and Ixian is definitely a bit of a stretch for me but a worthwhile one. The entire “Binary EP” can be listened to in less than ten minutes and what a ten minutes it is! You’re gonna go from sludge to electronica and back a few times. Take a listen and see if it’s your jam.

I’m not sure if I’m ready yet for the full 90s throwback bands to come rolling back out but here we are in 2021 with Loom. This is very much not my thing but it is well done and I think some of y’all will appreciate this updated take on early emo. Find a saturated color field and a fisheye lens to get the full experience here.

My pal Gordon says this next group sounds a bit like the Feelies. It’s not far off for The Pierres, truly. The band claims the punk and experimental labels on bandcamp but this track screams country bar band. Make up your own mind here.

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