Local Action Roundup: November 2021 Edition

We’ve changed the clocks and now everyone is complaining about it being too dark too early in the day. But if the darkness gets you down, maybe take a break with some of the upcoming goodies from our locals. Get yer cheer on and all that.

If you haven’t heard about this compilation for Nuci’s Space yet, well, here ya go. It’s a stunning collection of songs available only through December 31st so get it now! It’s well worth your time and goes to a good cause.

Ok, so this one isn’t LOCAL local but you’ll recognize a few names here. “Be Good To Yourself” is a collection also raising money for mental health but this time for musicians and artists in North Carolina. Athens has a long history with the Research Triangle area so maybe take a gander and toss some coins that way.

Flagpole put together some words about Wes. Miss ya buddy.

Athens, GA – Inside/Out… The Story Continues is now out. If you’re expecting a sequel to the original, this probably won’t be the thing for you. But you should still give it a whirl if you’re so inclined.

I love reading local music coverage from the Red and Black. Student voices are unique and not as jaded as all us old folk. Yeah, it’s unpolished sometimes but enthusiasm is nice to see.

And finally, an interesting read. It’s not local but I think it’s something you should read all the same.

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