The 2021 Athens Music Gift Guide

Friends, it is indeed that time of year when you’ve inevitably found someone on your list that is tough to buy for. In our house, it’s the incredibly picky guitarist. But I’ve done some sleuthing to find local stocking stuffers for you and yours this holiday season. So put on that holiday sweater and let’s get to it!

First up is Plus 1 Athens, a nifty collection of show flyers from ’62 to 2002, gathered and published by Chunklet Industries. You can pick one up by clicking HERE. AND the word on the street is there might be an Atlanta one in the works too so keep checking back!

Next, for the more cultured among us, is Season Tickets to the UGA Performing Arts Center. Now, I joke about this being a bit high brow for anyone still reading this blog but the PAC brings stellar talent into Athens year after year and you’re making a mistake by writing it off as a “campus thing.” Go get tickets HERE and have a year’s worth of great evenings settled in advance!

Maybe your giftee is more about doing good in the community than receiving a gift. Well, with a purchase of ATHENS POTLUCK through this NUCI’s SPACE link, you’ll be helping out plenty of folk and getting a very nice book out of the deal too!

Ok, so maybe they’re a little hard to buy for but still a music fan. Why not let them choose their own experience with a nifty BANDCAMP GIFTCARD? There are a lot of local bands’ catalogs available on bandcamp and they’ll get paid better for this than they would streaming so it’s a win-win!

Or perhaps your giftee wanted to go to shows this year but couldn’t because of health concerns. We feel you. Maybe give them a bit of venue cheer with an official 40 Watt Beanie! Follow this link for neat snapbacks, shirts, and even a coozie.

Hopefully this has been helpful and here’s to a happy holiday season!

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