Local Action: End of 2021 Edition

Anyone else feel like they had their feet knocked out from under them with this Omicron thing? Just me? Anyway, keep safe out there and sit back with these news clips from the last days of the year. Here’s hopin’ next year is better.

Elephant Six fans that haven’t thrown it all away to live in the woods free of the horrors of modern society may enjoy this FACEBOOK GROUP LINK where folks from the E6 collective have been posting rarities and other fun things.

Our dear pal and scene stalwart Mike White has created THIS AWESOME MOSAIC of the 40 Watt and it’s for sale. If you didn’t get me anything for Xmas yet, here ya go. Look closely and you can see all sorts of shows that Mike has shot over the years!

This next one is just hilarious and I need someone to tell me where they came from.

Three christmas ornaments sit on a table. All read "I Still Love Athens But you really should have been here in the" and then each of the ornaments has either 70s, 80s, or 90s below it.

In case you missed this DELIGHTFUL STORY LINK here, Michael Stipe talks about the music that made him.

The 40 Watt is mentioned in THIS ARTICLE HERE about how Independent Music Venues are surviving the pandemic. I highly recommend reading it and then maybe buying some merch from a local venue you support.

And in more “who you vote for impacts everyone” reading, this piece on the middle-class American musician should remind us all what’s at stake if we don’t curb this outbreak and support our artists!

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