Well Dang

I had hoped to be able to write the first blog post of the year about all the great live shows coming up in January. Obviously all of that is now in the air thanks to Omicron variant. I was also gathering up show news for my radio show (WUGA’s The Guest List!) but now that has to pivot as well. I’m so tired of pivoting. I feel whirled around like the trees in the storm we had last night. I’m a lucky one, I know, as my income isn’t directly tied to being able to perform. I keep looking at the darkened marquees and the covid numbers and want to plunge back into despair.

I’ve been getting a lot more push back on these sorts of things from folks. “It’s not that bad” and “everyone’s going to get it anyway” and so on. No one gets to determine my comfort level with a deadly disease but me, ok? But I do understand the restlessness, the anger, the sadness. I want things to be normal again too. I don’t particularly like having to stay home or wear a mask every place I go. But I do.

I don’t bother with New Year resolutions anymore but I spend the time to set intentions. My big one for this year is to cut back on the musical nostalgia I’ve been enjoying for the entirety of the pandemic. A little bit of desire for the past is ok but I’ve overindulged on that as of late. I need to move forward, find new things, hear new bands that I may not care for! I’ve got about as much of a clean slate right now as I can get without imploding my entire life so it’s about time to change some things up.

We’ll see where 2022 ends up together, right? Hang in there everyone.

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