Is Back

Now, this news will probably only excite a selected few of you but for me, it is a long awaited happy day. No longer will I have to wade through dozens of off topic random conversations on facebook just to have a decent discussion about R.E.M.!

Yes, the beloved fansite is back thanks to its founder Ethan Kaplan (ethank). Yes, I’ve already reclaimed my old username and already I’m seeing some OLD OLD friends again for the first time in a while. It’s got me a little emotional, honestly. While a great many of us kept in touch via facebook and twitter, more folks lost touch once the site went away. But no longer!

The internet has changed so much in such a short time. I’d like to think that these type forums will once again roam the tubes, allowing us a much needed break from whatever the usual social media is trying to sell us. Anyway, it’s time I was off to read more tractor poetry. See ya on the boards.

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