It’s been a bad day

I’m sitting in the local coffee shop on my side of town, desperately trying not to breathe too deep through my mask as the coughing co-ed next to me tries to look at what I’m typing. AT&T has fucked me once again during the work day, leaving me no choice but to venture into (EW) public to beg for wi-fi so I don’t get fired from my new day job. This is fun. I’ve had two people tell me that I don’t have to wear a mask to which I’ve said “Maybe YOU don’t” and “FUCK OFF” respectively.

My phone is also currently unable to connect to the network. Or maybe the network is down. I have no idea. All I know is I’d much rather be home with my cats than attempting to not catch covid while trying to review contracts on a public wi-fi. There’s also my freelance clients I’ve got to help after the day job. Websites aren’t gonna build themselves without an internet connection. I’ve also had three hours of sleep. I am a goddamn delight to be around right now.

Did I mention we finally, finally had a reservation to eat at *fancy place* because they have an outdoor patio. And we’re due for rain, possibly tornadoes. So, ya know, it’s a spiral of not great things all happening at once. Doesn’t even begin to touch on anything else going on in the world. So my apologies for a whiny post but I don’t feel like being really chipper today.

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