Local Action Roundup: Pollen Edition

Ah yes, my least favorite Southern season is upon us. We are in the early days of THE POLLENING, shortly followed by THE SPIDERING and THE WEATHER EVENTING. I miss the regular seasons. But those are long gone so we’ve got to deal with what we’ve got now. Anyway, on to the news.

Fresh off the heals of his SXSW movie premiere, Kishi Bashi has released a new video for his epic “Manchester.” The song, and its originating album, are celebrating their tenth anniversaries this year so keep an eye out for a tour date near you.

The Bill Doss and Amy Hairston Collection is now available to researchers through the University of Georgia Special Collections Library. You can access it via THIS LINK. The collection contains tons of photos, art, posters, and other great bits from the Elephant Six Recording group.

In other E6 related news, Derek Almstead (Olivia Tremor Control) has released an album called Boxes. Usually E6 related stuff is pretty hit or miss for me but I’ve been really digging this one. Pick it up on bandcamp.

The Georgia Theatre Rooftop is now open again. You have been informed.

Old school death metal band Guillotine A.D. signed with M-Theory Audio.

Goth and Punk Karaoke is happening at buvez this Friday. I can’t be there but if I were, you’d get to hear me screeching out some Chameleons.

You missed your shot to get tickets to any of the Drive By Truckers shows in April but you haven’t missed the DBT HeAthens Homecoming Cookout & Auction. Swing by Nuci’s Space on April 9th from noon to 4 p.m. for food and some awesome swag to bid on.

Later that night make sure to swing by Southern Brewing Company for Classic City Wrestling Live! What’s this got to do with music? Well, Classic City Jukebox is playing during the night and the organizer is an old music pal of ours so just roll with it. Or jump from the top rope with it. Or something like that.

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