Spring Breaking

I don’t have kids and I’m not at UGA anymore so the fact that it is Spring Break for ACC completely passed me by until a parent friend mentioned it. Man, when’s the last time you had an actual Spring Break? Like, did nothing for an entire week or went on vacation somewhere during the Spring? I can’t really think of one myself. I worked every Spring Break I had in college and the post-college world doesn’t really allow for such a concept. Well, at least not in the U.S.

I am happy to see a lot of my pals gearing up for their summer tours. I was asked on WUGA what I am looking forward to this year in local music and my answer is basically: local music. Safely seeing local shows again is top of my priority list. I keep having to explain my hesitation at being packed into a smaller venue with a bunch of unmasked people while a pandemic is still happening. But the weather is nicer now and now we know more about how Covid is spread so I may actually venture out and about somewhat to enjoy the music.

I wonder what you’re looking forward to this Spring/Summer. Did you find a new band to love during the past two years and you’ll get to see them live? Are you ready for Athfest 2022? Are you going to check out Red Line or one of the other DIYish venues that have popped up? Maybe you formed a band or recorded an album during this time. Mad props for that if so.

I’m hopeful, if a little cautious still. Maybe I’ll see ya around.

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