Forward Forecast: Spring Ish Edition

Let’s just HOP right into it, shall we? Get it? HOP? Like a bunny? Eh…..

Thursday April 14 – Legion Field

WUOG’s Spring Thing featuring Exit Row, Garden Variety, Reed Winckler, and Bog Bod. You know, these things aren’t always limited to students. Just sayin’.

Saturday April 16 – Flicker

Wieuca, Nuclear Tourism, Kadillak. Anyone else now struggle to pronounce “nuclear” the correct way after decades of hearing Bush mangle it? Just me? Ok.

Wednesday April 20 – 40 Watt

Heffner, McQqeen, and Pervert. This is THE rock show you’ll want to see before we head into the early summer doldrums. Seriously.

Friday April 22 – 40 Watt

Linqua Franqa with Cassie Chantel, Blunt Bangs, and DJ Reindeer Games. The dear commissioner is having a party for their latest “Bellringer.” A must attend for fans of hip-hop, labor movements, and general badassery.

Sunday April 24 – Southern Brewing Company

DawgDaze Music Festival featuring AD Blanco, Josh Bennett Band, Jameson Tank, Sarah Mootz, and more. Go have fun with a lot of locals. That’s the gist.

Thursday April 28 – WUOG Lobby at UGA

Mary Margret Cozart. ALways near and dear to my heart, Live in the Lobby is a live show in the lobby of WUOG. Yeah, you can attend. If you can’t attend in person, tune into WUOG 90.5fm.

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