Forward Forecast: May 2022 Edition

Once again we’re here in May and the town is starting to clear out little by little. Soon we may be able to park downtown once more but then again I’m not going to hold my breath on that. Regardless, here’s some cool shows coming up this week that I think you should go to if you feel comfortable.

Tuesday, May 10

Blurry, Murder the Mood, and Hollowbody at Buvez

Thursday, May 12

Ambient Spring at The Lewis Room

Friday, May 13

The Amazing Acro-cats at the Morton Theatre

(ok, yes, it’s not strictly music but this is my blog and I say go see cats do tricks)

Saturday, May 14

Calico Vision, Cicada Rhythm, and Laney Jones at 473 Old Commerce Ext. Rd

Saturday, May 14

Deaf Condors, Sasha Stray, Red Hot Empty, and Beat Up at Red Line Athens

Monday, May 16

Killick, Ravish Momin at ATHICA

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