A Short Break

The students have officially fled town and we’re now in that weird period where shows are fewer and the heat is cranking into overdrive. Despite being a lifelong Southerner, I don’t handle the heat very well. Give me a too cold, overly air conditioned venue any day.

Anywho, I’m possibly doing a one off lecture class in the Fall about the “Athens music scene” and my research sent me down the rabbit hole of what exactly outsiders think of Athens. The town is currently being marketed as the best college town in the US and one of the top places in Georgia to retire. That’s great if you’re a college kid or someone who can afford to retire, I suppose. But the rest of us, uh, it’s a bit more complicated.

So I went onto Youtube and found the following “ATHENS!” type videos for you to enjoy while I fend off this massive headache I’ve been dealing with lately. Literal headache, not figurative. I find these videos amusing. Maybe you will too.

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