The Slowish Season

It is hot as balls out there. I either have never experienced a summer this consistently hot and humid or I’ve blocked out all memories of it out of a sense of self preservation. Either way, I’m miserable. I’m also doing backend design work on a new version of this here site on a different platform because I’m tired of fighting WordPress every time I’m trying to do a simple post. Add in the nightmare that is getting to my place on the Eastside right now and rising covid cases and baby you’ve got a stew going.

It’s the slow season in Athens. There’s a few shows going on, some of the local restaurants are closed for a week or two for repairs, and the last of the college kids are moving their stuff out. I’m finding it hard to believe it is already mid-July but I’ve been thinking that about every month since March 2020. The days feel too long to me, the nights and weekends too short. I wish I could feel differently but I haven’t had a real extended break in years and it doesn’t look like I’ll get one anytime soon.

My listening during the summer used to trend towards the upbeat and bright; Music that you can dance to, swim to, have in the background as the fireflies light up the neighbor’s yard. The stuff I listen to as of late is rough, heavy, dark, and not as cathartic as I’d like for it to be. Maybe it’s seasonal depression, maybe it’s everything. But as always, there’s music for every mood. I’ve been throwing on Vision Video and Vincas during my workday as well as a group from Austin called Urban Heat. It’s a hot goth summer, y’all.

I was laughing with a friend last week about the current Athens scene prominently featuring goth/post-punk/industrial/metal acts. Longtime reader (yes, singular, because I’m not even sure if anyone’s reading anymore) will remember the early days of this blog were often spent slinging merch for post punks who were literally playing to the wrong crowds. They’d all go over well now if any of them still existed. Oh well. Such is life. Time goes on etc…

Sometimes a good misery wallow is necessary for survival. I’m just glad we have some locals who provide a solid soundtrack for such a time as this.

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