Third Verse, Same as the First

A little bit louder and a lot bit worse, eh? Yes, dear reader, we are back in a Covid wave. I hate it. I hate constantly having to monitor my situation to figure out whether or not a show is worth getting sick for, possibly kicking my faulty immune system into overdrive for, possibly dying for… UGH. Anyway, if you’re going to any of these lovely shows over the next week, take precautions. Wear a mask, stay outdoors if possible, find a well ventilated area if not, etc. We’ve been through this all before…

Go see Ben Ricketts, Shane Parish & John Kiran Fernandes, Outersea, and My Modern Office at Flicker this THURSDAY, JULY 21st at 8 p.m. Ten bucks at the door gets you a night of surf rock, art pop, synth, and musical improv. Flicker is probably the best place in town to be right now if you’re into having a wide variety of musical styles in one night. All these folk are quality as well so no worries.

Hendershots is hosting a one-two punch of local legends on FRIDAY, JULY 22nd at 8 p.m. My adoration of songwriter Don Chambers is well documented here on AMJ but to pair him with Vic Varney (yes, of the The Method Actors) is genius. Athens isn’t exactly well known for behaving during the quiet songs but if ever there was a time to shut up and listen, this would be it.

It’s been a Hot Hotty-Hots minute since I’ve covered any jazz or swing here so maybe swing yourself on over to Athentic Brewing Company on SATURDAY, JULY 23rd at 6 pm for some good stuff from Mary Sigalas and crew. If you’ve been in a slump lately, it’s amazing what stepping out of your comfort zone can do.

See ya out there soon.

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