Welcome Back

Judging from the herd of U-hauls that passed through town this weekend, I’d say that all the students are finally moved in. So welcome back, you students. And welcome back faculty. Staff, my deepest sympathies. I’ve been there. Hang on as best as you can.

ANYWAY, usually around this time Flagpole prints a Guide to Athens for all our new temporary residents. I’d highly recommend giving the issue a look through even if you’ve been here over a decade. I’m always amazed that some event or new eatery has popped up without any notice (well, notice from me but I don’t get out much these days).

I used to also recommend the Athens Banner-Herald for local details but I can’t really do that any more. Ya see, yet another round of layoffs has occurred at their parent company and at last count another three or four locals lost their jobs. I’d be floored if a dozen people are working at the ABH now. Man, times have changed.

I WILL recommend giving the Red and Black the occasional glance. The student paper is great for seeing what currently matters to the student population and where they’re going for music and entertainment. Am I often amused by a freshman “discovering” a local classic? Yes. But am I happy they did? Also yes. Take time to learn about the community, folks. You’ll be glad you did.

As for other great places to learn what’s going on, you’ve got the radio stations WUGA and WUOG, the regrettable Facebook, and Instagram. I’m sure there’s stuff on TikTok as well but I’m too old and too over social media to even glance that way so I’m just gonna guess. Have fun with all that.

SO welcome to Athens. Or welcome back. Or welcome home. Keep safe and have a good time.

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