Local Action: August 2022 Edition

Nuci’s Space recently teased “Athens Uncovered: Steeple Edition“, an all-day celebration of Athens music legacy” which everyone knows is basically catnip to anyone at AMJ. We’ll keep ya posted on the details of this event(?) as we get ’em.

From Velena Vego’s photos: two musical legends. And David Lowry. (I kid, I kid).

Folks, I had my mouth shut about this because the better half was doing some lighting but since it’s been shared on some social media outlets now I figured I’m now ok to let loose that THE Wynonna Judd (along with husband Cactus) was in town not too long ago filming for a possible tv series. They were spotted at some local eateries and stores and finished the night at the 40 Watt along with some of our more famous local musicians. I can’t wait to see what this turns into.

The Wild Rumpus is happening October 28-29th, says the group’s Facebook page. If you haven’t been to this parade/celebration/party yet, you’re in for quite the treat.

Local musical debauchery peddler WUOG 90.5 fm turns 50 this October. There supposedly is an alumni event happening but I have no firm details on anything other than the dates being October 21st-23rd. I love the station deeply but dealing with alumni herding is not something I’d ever willingly do again. Part of the difficulty doing anything with the station if you’re not currently a student is due to UGA’s overcorrecting crack-down on off campus events. Good luck to the folk making the attempt. May Birthoween rock. Sorry if that reads snarky but I had a not good time on the Exec Board for the alumni so…


We have a fair apparently.

The 2022 Athens Fair takes place September 1st-5th. It’ll have rides, music, and dancing horses. Neat.

Hard Times being too relatable to the local masses once again.

Not that you were wondering but yes, of course I got the R.E.M. skateboard. No, I will not being using it for sick kickflips.

As always, if you’ve got some local music news you’d like to share, hit us up at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com.

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