The Nicest Days of the Year

Folks, we here at AMJ try to make it clear that we do indeed have preferred seasons and Summer is at the bottom of all of our lists. Granted, there’s like three of us total touching this site but still, we’re not hot weather people. September, as the song says, is coming soon; this week, in fact. And with the slightest change of the weather comes a boatload of shows, festivals, and events that will take us through the back half of the year much faster than we ever thought possible. Here’s a few highlights.

The Aquemini Music Festival is happening THIS WEEKEND. This is a MUST if you have even a passing interest in soul, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B. Personally, we’re looking forward to the phenomenal Misnomer. Do not miss Parys who has an EP coming out later this year that is going to be amazing.

Given this is an Aubrey Entertainment booking, I’m guessing the festival name is a Skirts reference?

September Days festival is a nice little surprise holding over for a second year. If you’re looking to see the current up and comers of the local scene alongside some steady scene legends, this is a good place to start. You can’t go wrong with Five Eight, regardless.

This reads like a Super Smash Brothers roster.

If you weren’t in town for Athfest or if you prefer being outdoors during this ongoing time of Covid, may we suggest the wonderful Historic Athens Porchfest? Seven hours. Six neighborhoods. One hundred and fifty-five events. All free. Your favorite band is playing this. Your roommate’s band is playing this. You somehow joined a band in the time it took to read through the text on the poster and now you’re also playing this. All kidding aside, HAP is a new favorite festival of ours and we hope you get a chance to catch some of it.

Of course there will be a ton of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas type events happening in the last quarter of the year but those haven’t been popping up yet. But SOON! Go ahead and mark your calendars now.

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