Live with 90.5

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve promoted our local college radio station’s programming so I’m here this fine Monday afternoon to tell you to listen to 90.5 fm WUOG in Athens, Georgia.

Oh. You wanted more of a post? Ok. Well, you can listen to WUOG live HERE. It’s been fascinating watching what new things get stirred up and what things are forgotten with each graduating class. A decade ago it was incredibly lame to use DJ names. Everyone has a DJ name now. Some shows have stayed the same, which, if I’m honest, is kinda comforting to this ol’ bag. But there’s new stuff all the time and I’m glad that the kids are expanding the definition of what radio can be.

I forget that these kids grew up with podcasting being “a thing.” It sounds like a joke but 2005 was 17 years ago. Literal iPods are no longer being made. We’ve moved on. Listening to WUOG these days is also fascinating from a “things never change” perspective. Some hosts try too hard, others not at all, big silences are still present.. It’s college radio after all.

I suppose I’m on a WUOG kick right now because the station’s 50th birthday is around the corner in October and preparations for that have been…well, if you’re in the alumni groups, you know. State overreach plus inactive populace equals not great vibes. I still love the little station though, despite what I think of the alumni these days. I’ve also been lurking in the twitter feeds of some prominent music scholars who are working on some great books about college radio culture. I’ll make sure to post here when they’re out.

It is kinda hard to look anyone in the eye and say with a straight face that radio is important. Not because radio isn’t important, but because people don’t think of listening to the radio as important. But having music laid out for you by people who care, not an uncaring company, and having it available for free? That’s pretty special and increasingly rare. I promise you can find a new favorite band on 90.5 within a week’s listening. So click on the link, tune your radio, whatever you need to do. Because the last one left may one day truly be the last one left.

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