Local Action: September 2022 Edition

Can you imagine trying to put this together today?!

Let’s just hop right on in, shall we?

If you’re a big fan of WUOG or college radio station swag, may I direct you HERE to the Friends of GA Radio. There’s some great history here that includes old logos, a few Did You Know? type things and a bunch of radio whatnot.

It’s been too long on this here blog without a mention of Pylon so here’s an interview Vanessa and Jason NeSmith did about Gyrate!

Your annual reminder that Pat the Wiz is an incredible local music resource.

I missed this one a while back but here’s Vic Chesnutt and Fugazi‘s cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Have You Never Been Mellow.”

There have been many tributes to Wes Freed floating around since the artist’s death on September 4th. One of the best can be found HERE.

Nuci’s Space has been teasing something big in November and it’s slowly coming to light. “Athens Uncovered:Steeple Edition” will be an all day musical event in November and feature a ten band lineup that will be announced next month. I’m super curious.

However you feel about students, THIS SITUATION sucks and I hope those kids managed to find a safe place to land.

To the reader who linked AMJ to a reddit post in R/Athens: Thanks!

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