Local Action: October 2022 Edition

Happy Spooky Season! Let’s get to it.

R.E.M.’s Mike Mills has been quite busy as of late. After chatting to WUGA about his current reading habits (check it out here), the bassist premiered “R.E.M. Explored” at Atlanta Symphony Hall this past weekend. Also recently announced is the Big Star celebration coming to The Georgia Theatre and other locales starting in late November. Mike even had a few moments to take to Twitter and gently poke at former R.E.M./sometimes other group current bandmate Peter Buck‘s guitar tone. Also, apparently Pete was in town recently to catch The War on Drugs.

Kevn Kinney (Drivin’N’Cryin’) posted a long tribute to the late Anton Fier. This is a good time to relisten to “Whisper Tames the Lion,” by the way.

Athens lost a longtime musical champion in late September with the passing of Mrs. Anne Shepard at the age of 92. You might know her best as the co-owner of Chick Piano. She, her husband, and her children took care of Chick Piano for most of its 80 year run.

We were also saddened to hear that we lost Derek Wiggs last week. He was a phenomenal musician and will be missed terribly.

WUOG 90.5 FM turns 50 this month and will celebrate with a concert at Legion Field featuring Nordista Freeze with local Monsoon opening.

Porchfest was fun. I’m tired. Y’all tired? That’s a lot of bands.

Here’s something a little different we’re gonna try. Here’s what has been on Jordan’s reading list this past month. Remember that things are still hard out there for touring bands, so consider buying some merch or talking up your favorites to other folk right now.

NPR – Musicians are back on the road but every day is a gamble. (Link)

Reporter Newspapers – May I Be Excused? In the middle of a mid-life music crisis (Link) Also, the “Over-40 Watt” is HILARIOUS.

Gabe Bullard – Why do we stop listening to new music in our 30s? (Link)

Damon Krukowski – Working Wherever We May (Link)

Lester Bangs circa 1979 – The White Noise Supremacists (Link)

The Hill – Making sure artists are paid for work is the American Way (Link)

Financial Times – How Wall Street stormed the music business (Link)

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