Wild in the Streets

Folks, it’s here. It’s finally here! It is the spookiest week, the partyingest week, the most wild and weird week of the year. TIME FOR THE WILD RUMPUS!!

We hope you’ve gotten your getup together and are ready for a couple of nights of great tunes and good friends. If you need Jordan, look for a person wandering around as “biblically inaccurate Gerard Way.” So white hair, not quite a marching jacket, and maybe some makeup. Who even knows?

If you need to know what is going to be where, The Wild Rumpus has so handily provided an interactive event map HERE. In this lead up time, maybe take a wander over to Condor Chocolates to pick up one of the TWO separate Wild Rumpus themed chocolate bars. We’ve had both and prefer the animal crackers one since the other had a little too much going on for our tastes but then again we here at AMJHQ are a little basic.

Anywho, what are your plans? Any nifty costumes you’re hoping to make or see?

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