Forward Forecast: November 2022 Edition

Well folks, here’s your reminder that you need to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already. Also a reminder that if something isn’t done or in progress by November 15th, it’s unlikely to happen this year. This is usually an academic thing but I’ve found it applies across the board more than I thought. Anywho, here’s some of what you’ve got to look forward to this month.

Wednesday, November 9th

Red Oak Southern String Band at Creature Comforts

Thursday, November 10th

Don Chambers, Joe Rowe at Flicker Theatre

Friday, November 11th

FAUST the Opera at Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall

Saturday, November 12th

Nyquil Turducken, Trycho at Nowhere Bar

Sunday, November 13th

McQQeen, Fruit LooOps, Naw at the World Famous

Tuesday, November 15th

The B-52s at the Classic Center

Thursday, November 17th

Elijah Johnston, Reeves, Walter Slide at 40 Watt

Saturday, November 19th

Nicholas Malis, Flippants, and Telemarket at Flicker Theatre

Friday and Saturday November 25th-26th

Cloud Recordings Festival at Flicker Theatre

Saturday, November 26th

Shehehe, Haute Tension, Aunt Moth at Cine

Wednesday, November 30th

Less than Jake, Cliffdiver, Keep Flying at 40 Watt

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