Local Action: November 2022 Edition

Looks like electors saw their own shadow and we’re in for a few more weeks of election season here in Georgia. This is your reminder to please vote. Now back to the music.

Sadly the B-52s have had to postpone their last few concerts of the year due to illness.. This impacted the Atlanta and Athens shows, causing a few additional pre/after parties to also be postponed.  The shows in Atlanta have been rescheduled for Jan. 6–8, and Tuesday’s show in Athens has been rescheduled for Jan. 10. If you’re one of the lucky few who got tickets, make sure to check your email for details on what to do if you can’t make the rescheduled dates.

The Upstairs of the Globe will stop having concerts after the already scheduled events in November. A facebook post clarifies that the as of yet unfinished space is still available for parties and other events and that the intent of the space is for “all events” and not just concerts. That was apparent but it is still a sting to the local scene; the shows that were being booked there were great. Anyway, here’s hoping everything gets finished soon and they’ll book more shows. We’re sorely in need of a low key venue that holds a small amount of folk.

One of the greatest to ever do it, Michael Guthrie, has announced that “Greatest Hits 2022” is available November 20th on the Michael Guthrie Band website. The newly remastered album features all the original songs and bonus live tracks from the Agora Ballroom in 1979. Guided by the deft hand of Jason Nesmith at Chase Park Transduction it also features the original art designs of Herb Guthrie. Michael says “order from our homepage, under “contribute”-$18 shipped worldwide.” Amongst a sea of reissues this year, this is truly the one not to miss.

While we’re on the subject of substantially underrated local musicians, the legendary Davis Causey and Jay Smith just dropped an instrumental Christmas album, “Pickin on Christmas” through Strolling Bones Records. Expect plenty of guest spots throughout the record.

I’ve said it multiple times this year but time is FLYING by. We’re now firmly in holiday season so if you haven’t yet made plans for New Year’s Eve, you’ve got a whole bunch of new options. You can go see Kishi Bashi at the 40 Watt. Or if you’re so inclined, the Modern Skirts just announced the band is playing the Georgia Theatre for NYE. Welcome to Athens where we’re spoiled for choice some days.

Because I can’t resist anything U2 related, here’s a note that R.E.M. appears in Bono’s biography a few times. Just a neat thing to me.

A little housekeeping note: you may have heard about the shitshow that is Twitter. AMJ is still over there for now but you can always keep in touch at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com, and under AthMusicJunkie or AthensMusicJunkie on Facebook, Insta, etc. As always, send me your announcements and whatnot. Thanks!

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