December Rainy Days

Folks, I’m writing to you from my kitchen table despite having two, TWO, high quality desks to work from in our office/studio. I’m working in these sub optimal conditions because 1) I currently have no heat and the kitchen is warmer than the office and 2) I wanted to be able to look out a window as I work today. Our backyard is fairly wooded, though it tends to thin out in the winter to the point where I can see exactly what the folks back of us are watching on their giant television.

It’s been a while since I made a playlist post but the rain and cold have me reaching back into my own archives for some tunes. I always hate posting these as individual YouTube videos but until I finally move this site over to something more playlist friendly, we’re stuck with this. I’m also not sure how many folks use my preferred streaming service (TIDAL!) so that’s another fun thing. I’m using all my spare time at the moment to work on the new site and other long promised things.

Anyway, the year is wrapping up and I’m once again somewhat proud to have posted something, anything, every Monday since 2020. Is it high quality stuff? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But if you look in the navigation, you’ll see there were several years there that I didn’t post a damn thing at all. Progress is slow, folks. We’ll get there together or not at all. So take some time to enjoy some local music from years past and present.

I love this old Venice is Sinking video because there’s an actual narrative arc to it all. Miss these guys.

I’ll confess that I haven’t been to Tweed Recording since they’ve set up shop. Covid and all. But it’s a neat little place from the looks of it. And of course you’ve got Easter Island soaring all over the place in this vid.

The Good Grief Trio is the one December not to be missed event besides the holiday parade. This is a lovely cover of the B-52s’ Deadbeat Club that they did for a Nuci’s Space event recently.

I know I’ve posted this one pretty frequently but damn if it isn’t the perfect song for right this very second.

This time last year I was putting the last touches on my wedding. I walked down the aisle to this song. A year before that this is the song I was listening to when I got word that my brother was going to make it out of the hospital and go home.

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