Goodbye 2022

Well folks, we did it again. We’ve reached the end of the year in this ever changing new normal. My year on a personal level went pretty well all things considered. On a more local and national and world level, maybe not so much. I began writing up a recap of the year and after the first quarter’s section turned into some 1,000 words, I scrapped it for what you’re reading now. Sometimes it’s all too much.

I hope you have some time before January to truly relax and recharge. Those concepts are two very different things, mind you. We’ve lost so much the past few years, so much has changed. Our goalposts for “ok” keep moving in the wrong direction and we’re all a bit on edge all of the time. Extending grace and patience to people is a great idea in theory and incredibly hard to do in practice. At the very least, try to extend some grace to yourself right now and let that move outward.

We’ve got some interesting stuff music wise to look forward to in 2023. I can’t wait to hear the new records everyone’s been working on. I’m hoping to catch more shows this upcoming year than in the past (covid still being very much a thing that I have to avoid so…). What are you looking forward to in the new year? What do you hope to see? Whatever happens, at least we’ll all be there together. See ya in 2023.

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