Frog-In-Law And Other Athens Band Names

Alongside the great many tributes to the late ORT, Flagpole republished an old column of band names he’d come up with. You can find the article at this here link. I’m a bit under the weather today but I wanted to take the time to at least acknowledge my favorite of these names and what I think they’d sound like and where they’d play. None of this is real until you make it real, ok?

“Eye Choir” were on tour with Soft Teeth until recently when their drummer got accepted to grad school. Now a two piece, they play mostly ambient jazz and experimental tunes at Flicker on Tuesday nights.

“The Neon Coast” were indie-alt darlings of the mp3 blog age alongside the Modern Skirts and Venice is Sinking but never quite got the appreciation they deserved. Word is they’re looking to book a comeback show at The Foundry with Dayroom and Ruby Isle.

“Cubic Wolf” is my post-punk side project with my husband. I keep abandoning ideas as they’re formed.

“Lobster-For-Hire” was a fun one off night where a band that was TOTALLY not the B-52s played all of Wild Planet in one go. Totally not the Bs. Nope.

“Tuna Wrecker” was actually the first name tunabunny had considered.

“Half Man, Half Mousetrap” died as a project when Jeff Tobias moved away from Athens.

“Chillwagon” died as a project when Patterson Hood moved away from Athens.

“The Before Man” died as a project when Blaze Bateh moved away from Athens.

“Carrotmelting” was forgotten by the punk community almost as fast as they arrived. It’s okay though because they kind of sucked.

“3-D Cook” is literally just Bryan Cook. He’s not singing or anything, it’s just him existing.

“Null Grey Fox” died as a project when Chisolm Thompson moved away from Athens.

Anyway, thanks for all the ideas ORT. You’re very much missed. If anyone wasn’t able to attend his service at the Watt, you can view a recording of it all here:

Ort’s Celebration of Life… Wholeheartedly… from Livestream Worldwide on Vimeo.

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