Love Your Locals

Yes, we all know that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday but if you’re in a loving mood, maybe consider giving your partner, friend, loved one, etc the gift of LOCAL MUSIC.

Yes, local music! Always fresh, never frozen, slap full of vitamins and minerals LOCAL MUSIC!

If your gal pal is a digital only type, maybe click THIS LINK, or THIS LINK, or THIS LINK, or THIS ONE, and get them a fresh album from a local via bandcamp!

Now let’s say your Valentine, like mine, is incredibly hard to buy for and would rather search for some music themselves. Well, then head on down to Low Yo Yo with them and buy them the vinyl their little music loving heart so desires.

But what if your Valentine wants to see a live show instead? Well, the Classic City has no shortage of great local music. Just pick a day and you’ll probably find something worth attending. Most of the local places have tickets for shows available a few months in advance. The 40 Watt and the Georgia Theatre both work with big touring acts and smaller locals so it should be fairly easy to grab what you want.

If you’re just stuck for something and your Valentine is the local supporter type, maybe they’ll appreciate some flowers and a recurring donation in their name to Flagpole. Hey, those types are out there!

And if all that fails, put on a playlist and dance your mess around.

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