Forward Forecast: March 2023 Edition

Welp, that was certainly a month. It’s already Spring Break for the UGA folk. Things are going to swing into a new gear here with more shows as the month goes on and April is going to be a little nuts. But in the meantime, let’s just take it one day at a time and see what’s going on during March.

If you want to start off with a musical punch to the face, maybe check out the super awesome surf-punk bill on Thursday, March 9th at the Georgia Theatre. We’ve got Nuclear Tourism, Oceaneater, and Basically Nancy. Fuzzy punk, surf punk, punk punk, it’s time to get sweaty.

I dunno why but maybe it’s the weather that has me feeling pretty punk/upbeat so I’m also going to recommend seeing Swear Jar, Colorblind Dinosaurs, and SLINK at Cozy Bar on Friday, March 10th. I’ve never actually been to Cozy Bar so this ought to be an adventure.

STILL not heavy enough for you? Well, the Georgia Theatre has you covered on Saturday, March 11th with the LOUD and PROUD Aunt Moth, Psychic Death, McQQeen, and Soup Kink show. It’s also the EP release for Aunt Moth so this is really the “don’t miss” for the week.

Need something that isn’t full on metal and punk? Maybe take a trip to the UGA Performing Arts Center on Sunday, March 12th to listen to the Classic Center Band perform selections from women composers in celebration of Women’s History Month.

I’ve always loved seeing shows at Cine and this St. Patrick’s Day will be no different. We’ve got Ghost Dad the Robot, E.W. Harris, and Ali Aslam performing in the Cine Lab on Friday, March 17th. Wear green. Or don’t, I’m not your dad.

The Foundry, wow, been a while since I’ve wandered down there, is hosting a special double bill of Bichos Vivos and Klezmer Local 42 on Thursday, March 23rd. Athens is more than punk bands, ya know? Maybe go see another side of our vast music scene in a chill venue.

A must see for this month is Deaf Condors who are playing with Hunger Anthem, Fantomex, and Hypersleep on Friday, March 24th at The Red Line in Winterville. I know some of y’all are lazy and don’t want to bother with driving out past downtown but if ever you did, it should be for this.

So go out and see some shows! There’s a lot going on!

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