Local Action: March 2023 Edition

Judging from the amount of pollen on my car right now, I guess we’re firmly in Spring. Now if someone would just turn up the heat a tad so I can finally plant some flowers we’d be alright. In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on in Athens town as of late.

Phillip Brantley, of Modern Skirts and Palace Doctor fame, has released a killer solo album called Soft as You Want Me.

Easter Island is going on tour! Catch the band and Slow Teeth up and down the eastern seaboard during May.

As you can see below, the Vic Chesnutt Songwriter of the Year Awards details have been announced.

Once again, an amazing Athens insight from The Onion.

And since we’re digging up content from 2016, maybe you missed our pal Lars’ NPR article about Pylon’s Final Show in 1983.

Speaking of pals, please allow us a little friend promotion here. First up is a book called The Future of Rock and Roll: 97X WOXY and the Fight for True Independence by Robin James. You can preorder it HERE.

Next up is our beloved (formerly local) folk Scott Creney and Brigette Heron‘s book The Story of the B-52s: Neon Side of Town. This one has been in the works a long time and is THE book on the Bs. You can get it HERE.

There’s plenty more coming so expect more book announcements soon. hehehe

We’ve been digging through our backlog of emails and whatnot and lo, here’s Jet Engine Dragons.

As always, if you’ve got something local music going on, let us know at athensmusicjunkie@gmail.com

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