Guest Post: Echoreyn of Athens

It’s ALMOST AthensMusicJunkie’s 15th anniversary (let’s just celebrate all month, eh?) so we asked some local folks for a few words we could borrow. Today’s post is our dearest and oldest pal Echoreyn!

I’m going to let you all in on a secret: I’ve always been a little bit in awe of Athens Music Junkie. As you well know, Jordan has a visceral way of transporting the reader to a show they’ve never attended and making them feel like they were standing in that crowd too. The love she has for local bands and their songs bleeds through every post. I can’t think of a blog I’m more proud to see reach the 15 year milestone than this one. 

As I was musing on what to write in my guest post here back on the scene after so many years, I recalled my very first conversation with Jordan before I even knew her name. One minute I was sitting alone on a bench, and the next I was engrossed in a conversation revolving around the Athens music scene. I didn’t know it at the time, but this lovely blog was in its infancy, just a couple of months old at that point, and there was Jordan out in the world singing the local scene’s praises to a misfit stranger. This blog is so intricately intertwined with my experience in Athens as a whole that I couldn’t possibly say where I would be living or even who I would be now if it wasn’t for AMJ. 

Of course, the scene isn’t the same now as it was back when I was writing my own weekly blog. Change is inevitable, be it positive or negative but then, that’s what makes blogs like these so important – they capture those brilliant fleeting moments in time that you want to remember forever, every one of them a bittersweet but nostalgic reminder that life is full of once in a lifetime events. Those memorable shows, that tangible thrill of seeing an undeniable talent live for the very first time – it all still exists in its most pure form just a click away here on Athens Music Junkie, and while you’re hanging around, it’s likely you’ll happen upon a new favorite as well.

This blog feels like something out of another time because it is- in the very best way. Athens Music Junkie is a time machine with an open door ready to take all of us back to the best years of our lives and into the best shows happening this month. Here’s to many more adventures in the local scene with AMJ! 

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