If I Had Money, Uh: R.E.M. Collapse Release Party

It's like he's waving goodbye to my tea tray. :(I have been looking forward to this night since R.E.M. announced Collapse Into Now's release date. Every single video snippet, song lyric, and trivial piece of information had been gathered. Finally, it was time for my favorite kind of party. This time I was joined by … Continue reading If I Had Money, Uh: R.E.M. Collapse Release Party

Listen to this Now: R.E.M.’s Uberlin

I love this song. Don't love what that umlaut is doing to everyone's websites, though. Oh R.E.M. and their punctuation... I really wish this had been the single for the US over "Mine Smell Like Honey" but oh well.If you haven't seen the other lyric videos, I'd recommend heading over to REMHQ's Youtube page to … Continue reading Listen to this Now: R.E.M.’s Uberlin

I Thought That I Heard Glee Sing….

Note the spike.It was the moment I've been worried about since I first heard that Glee was going to cover "Losing My Religion." "NOOOOOO!!" I cried into the night sky. "How dare they take such an important song and turn it into a trivial pop hit sung by actors in their late 20s pretending to … Continue reading I Thought That I Heard Glee Sing….

Athens Music News Roundup

(Photo/Jordan Stepp  Hooray dayjob.)Yes, some of the links go back to my Flagpole stuff. It's just easier than typing it out twice. *end shameless self-promotion*TAKE OVER WUOG! You wanna DJ? Here's your chance. February 19-21 you can come up to the station and put whatever you want on air (within  FCC guidelines). Read a book, … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup

News Roundup and Shameless Plugs!

You should've been at the Underneath the Covers show. Devo was AWESOME.  Remember, if you want the most up to date news from Athens, Georgia's music scene, follow Blueshades on Twitter or become a Fan of AthensMusicJunkie on Facebook. Pylon revealed a long-lost video for "Beep." Quite a trip back in time. Join the band … Continue reading News Roundup and Shameless Plugs!