CD REVIEW: The Humms

The Humms are back again with an incredibly long tracklist of psychobilly/punk/surf/garage rock. Most bands would decide to break all of this up into two albums or one and a couple of b-sides but not the Humms. The band is delivering Lemonland in all of its glory uncut. If you're more the live type, the … Continue reading CD REVIEW: The Humms


Flagpole Music Awards: Cover Art

THE DEADLINE TO VOTE HAS BEEN MOVED TO FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH!Since this is a complete write-in category for the Flagpole Athens Music Awards, I thought I'd take the liberty of gathering a few of my favorite covers from the past year for you. If you're interested in any more that I may not have listed … Continue reading Flagpole Music Awards: Cover Art

Athens Gets LOST

("Charlie" by Lauren Gregg)Professors aren't giving homework, students aren't doing homework, bartenders are switching shifts, and many a DVR is whirring away. Yup, LOST fever has gripped Athens. Tuesday saw the premiere of the first episodes of the last season and boy, there were a lot of parties going on.I am more than aware that … Continue reading Athens Gets LOST

Flagpole Music Awards: Best Album Artwork

It should be noted that the following is compiled from the personal tastes of everyone at Athens Music Junkie and some of our friends. Since the section is blank on the Flagpole Athens Music Awards ballot, feel free to enter them in and post a link below to plug your favorite. You can search … Continue reading Flagpole Music Awards: Best Album Artwork