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A Little Story About A Story

Back when I had the energy and resources to update AMJ every day, I was constantly flipping through a very old copy of Party Out of Bounds, trying to construct memories of things I’ve never known, trying to put across the same feeling the book conveys: place, time, youth. I was working three jobs and […]

Art Night at the Bulldog Inn

The Bulldog Inn was the last place I expected to find myself on a Thursday night. The Inn is one of those structures on the edge of town that you sometimes either ignore completely or remark “Glad I’m not staying there tonight!” as you drive into a place downtown. But for years now, there’s been […]

Hey, Hey, Hey, What’s Going On…

Normally, I’d be writing this post from a red chair inside WUOG, tucked in a corner of one of the downtown coffee shops, or from my desk on Dearing Street. But instead, I’m writing in the corner of my childhood bedroom about three hours away from Athens. You see, I’ve never really explicitly stated this […]