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A Little Story About A Story

Back when I had the energy and resources to update AMJ every day, I was constantly flipping through a very old copy of Party Out of Bounds, trying to construct memories of things I’ve never known, trying to put across the same feeling the book conveys: place, time, youth. I was working three jobs and […]

Athens Music News Roundup

WOW. Talk about a big news week. We’ve got a ton of stuff to catch up on so let’s get to it. First up, Athfest has announced its headlining acts for this year. As expected, we’re gonna be seeing Reptar, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, and Kishi Bashi on the main stage outside and Futurebirds onstage at […]

It Might Get Loud…

Having spent the last seven years of my life working in libraries, it should come as no surprise that I’m rather fond of them. Especially when they have cool stuff like this. Today’s awesome of the day comes to us courtesy of the Athens-Clarke County Library System. It’s part of the summer reading program. TONIGHT […]

White Tornado: Athens Snowstorm

(It’s REM! IN SNOW! SnowStipe is wearing a toesock for a scarf! Wish I knew who made ’em.) As Gordon Lamb so eloquently put it, “Rushing to the market in fear of a few snowflakes is my right as an Athenian. HERITAGE, NOT HATE!” Yes, every time there’s a small threat of snow here in […]

Athens Gets LOST

(“Charlie” by Lauren Gregg) Professors aren’t giving homework, students aren’t doing homework, bartenders are switching shifts, and many a DVR is whirring away. Yup, LOST fever has gripped Athens. Tuesday saw the premiere of the first episodes of the last season and boy, there were a lot of parties going on. I am more than […]

From the Ashes…

I didn’t go yesterday. It wasn’t my place to. Some things are best left to family and friends, not to people like me. The rest of us just stand outside and take our glimpses in, burying in our minds that little part of ourselves that felt some connection. There’s a time for everything and everyone, […]

Top 9 of 09: Athens Music Caught on Film

Well, technically, we caught these following moving images on handheld digital camcorders but it’s the same thing. We were lucky enough to be armed with cameras when some awesome bands played, capturing incredible performances and once in a lifetime events. Old Flippy (Jordan’s Flip cam) was out for a while after Athfest but after a […]

It’s Not an Arch. It’s a Wall.

Athens Time Stamp: A Ziona Post

By Ziona Kocher DISCLAIMER: Jordan Stepp, the amazing head of AthensMusicJunkie, is referred to as the Bosslady/Boss throughout this piece. I do this to annoy her. Nearly all descriptions of her cruelty have been exaggerated (except for the Glare ‘o’ Death. That thing is scary). While she does often tease, she’s one of my best […]

Athens Music News OVERLOAD

Photo/Daniel Peiken HOLY CRAP! There’s always a lot going on in Athens but our bands have been making some racket out there lately in the national press. First up, Athens has been named one of America’s best college towns by MSN Travel. You might remember the cool photo taken by our very own Chris […]