Happy Birthday To Us! Again!

Yes, ladies and gentlefolk, today marks the 2nd anniversary of the founding of this here site we call AthensMusicJunkie. And I just thought that the first year of AMJ was crazy! Our second year went places that I think none of us expected but we all enjoyed.Let's talk about some of our R.E.M. adventures. There was the … Continue reading Happy Birthday To Us! Again!

Another Athens Song About…Space

(Art/Ziona Kocher)You can't say that the songwriters of Athens aren't a bunch of dreamy folk. Many of us spend nights outside in tents or on roofs, listening to crickets and looking at the night sky. Many a good song has been inspired by those brightly burning balls of gas and frozen space junk hanging up … Continue reading Another Athens Song About…Space

Athfest Lineup: Version 1.5 (Late Update!)

Athfest posted what I'm calling Version 1.5 of the Athfest lineup on the official site today. Follow the link for any info you want but for time's sake, I'll just write here what they've updated. Right now, it looks like I'll be at the Melting Point on Saturday. RETRO ATHENS FOR THE WIN!CinĂ© - 234 … Continue reading Athfest Lineup: Version 1.5 (Late Update!)

Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings at WUOG

In a weak moment, I invited that no good slacker Chris McKay and his buddies to come dj with me at WUOG one Tuesday night. Mistake. I'm just kidding, we actually had a lot of fun while causing all sorts of mayhem.Chris, Josh, and Frank came into the station quietly, passing by our two singer/songwriters … Continue reading Chris McKay & The Critical Darlings at WUOG

Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie

So, in case you haven't noticed yet, we now have a youtube page up and running! It's only been up for a little over a month and we're already spreading the gospel that is Athens music to the world. And a little embed on this site did help.So far we've got two Pylon vids, an … Continue reading Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie