Where the Wild Crowds Are

One of my favorite things about the Athens music scene is how it's perceived from the outside. Usually when some entertainment reporter/lifestyle blogger talks about it, they trot out the ol' "home of R.E.M. And the B-52s" line. As well they should, considering those bands are our most famous exports that aren't drenched in red … Continue reading Where the Wild Crowds Are


Schneider is a Punk Rocker

Ziona's been telling me for a long time now that Fred Schnider's solo album Just Fred really rocks but as someone who is only sorta into the B-52s, I let that recommendation slide. I'm an idiot.I put my iPod on random the other day and came across a very familiar voice singing "Coconut." "Aw," I thought. "This … Continue reading Schneider is a Punk Rocker

B Thankful

 (Photo/Ziona Kocher)I saw this article yesterday where Keith Strickland of the B-52s talks about how making Cosmic Thing helped the band cope with the death of Ricky Wilson. Wow.Usually, we think of records being cathartic for us, the listeners. Sometimes when there's a really emotionally charged slow song (think R.E.M.'s "Let Me In") we attribute … Continue reading B Thankful

Athens In Perspective: The B-52s in Florida

Guest Post by AMJ's Florida Office Editor Ziona KocherAs my parents and I drove all day on Saturday, the only thing I could think of to be happy about was the prospect of seeing the B-52's. Everything else seemed so depressing (to me, at least). Everybody keeps telling me how great college is, and that … Continue reading Athens In Perspective: The B-52s in Florida

Dreams to Remember: My trip to Macon

Since UGA is doing a tribute to Otis Redding this Tuesday and I was asked to interview the family onstage, I thought it best if I head down to Macon and look at the Otis Redding: Dreams to Remember tribute to gain some insight for questions and context. Always one to mix business and pleasure, … Continue reading Dreams to Remember: My trip to Macon