Contest: It’s My Birthday. You Win Stuff

I can't see myself at thirty.... well, not for a few more years at least. But YAY! Today's my birthday and you know what that means, right?!PRESENTS!FOR YOU! Yes, I'm giving away a prize pack of local cds to you as a birthday present. All you have to do is be the first to answer … Continue reading Contest: It’s My Birthday. You Win Stuff

Happy Birthday To Us! Again!

Yes, ladies and gentlefolk, today marks the 2nd anniversary of the founding of this here site we call AthensMusicJunkie. And I just thought that the first year of AMJ was crazy! Our second year went places that I think none of us expected but we all enjoyed.Let's talk about some of our R.E.M. adventures. There was the … Continue reading Happy Birthday To Us! Again!

R.E.M. Turns 30! Party in Athens!

It's been almost thirty years since R.E.M. made their debut at a party in an old abandoned church in Athens. Thirty years of rule-bending, tour-grinding, record-smashing, heart-breaking, death-defying, breath-taking music that has been the soundtrack to our lives. We've laughed, we've cried, and it's far from over still! So in celebration of the four guys … Continue reading R.E.M. Turns 30! Party in Athens!

Happy Birthday Michael Stipe!

Athens' most well known scarf/hat enthusiast, I mean, singer/lyricist, turns 49 today. Kinda hard to underestimate the tremendous impact that Mr. Stipe has had on the music landscape in his career. Not to mention his work in politics, art, and general coolness.If anyone sees him out and about, wish him well from all of us … Continue reading Happy Birthday Michael Stipe!