CD Review: Monahan

We've talked about Monahan once before but now we're finally reviewing the upcoming album Stop Saying I. It's been on in the office as we've been painting and what not so rest assured, we've had a lot of time to listen to the lovely voice of Mr. Ryan Monahan and his assembled group of accomplished … Continue reading CD Review: Monahan


CD Review: Yo Soybean

Those sunny sounding folk-popsters Yo Soybean have finally let loose their album Manifest Blasphemy and, boy, was it worth the wait, however short it may have been. Listeners familiar with the band will notice a lot of energy transferred over from their live show to the record, a difficult feat for any band, much less … Continue reading CD Review: Yo Soybean

CD Review: Kenosha Kid

By Alex TankEarly in 2010, something magical was happening at the Flicker Theatre in downtown Athens, GA. Even if you caught one of those subtly electrifying Monday night shows, you were probably unaware that your enthusiasm might become a part of Kenosha Kid’s live work entitled Land of Obey out on Nowt Records. The album’s … Continue reading CD Review: Kenosha Kid

CD Review: Packway Handle Band

When you think of bluegrass, two images come to mind: either a bunch of old guys playing boring twangy tunes from Appalachia or the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Packway Handle Band is one of the bright lights of bluegrass, taking everything you know about the genre and turning it on its head. They're funny, … Continue reading CD Review: Packway Handle Band

CD Review: Casper & the Cookies

I've been grooving to this thing ever since it arrived at WUOG. Casper & the Cookies is yet another offshoot from another project or four. Whether you still know it as Casper Fandango or anything else for that matter, the sound is unmistakable. I met Jason when I was interning and actually chatted about socks … Continue reading CD Review: Casper & the Cookies