DEBATE: Indie Hipster Headress Party?

Today's topic of conversation comes courtesy of Gordon Lamb's Threats and Promises column this week in Flagpole. (Image from this site, along with a pretty good list of indie Indian references.)So Gordon's working on an article about the growing popularity of Native American costume at indie rock shows. Fans and bands alike will come out … Continue reading DEBATE: Indie Hipster Headress Party?

Debate: Who Will Open The Georgia Theatre?

I'll have to thank the Georgia Theatre twitter feed for this topic. On Tuesday, the feed ran a simple, but profound question: Who should be the first band to play when we re-open?Wowzers. Who indeed? I was curious what bands our readers might suggest so I took it to our Facebook Fanpage. While many suggested … Continue reading Debate: Who Will Open The Georgia Theatre?

Debate: Has the Scene Gone South?

A reader named Robb sent me this scanned image of the back of an old Flagpole he had in storage and managed to scan, albeit in two parts. According to his email, this was the last SuperJam held, mainly because most of those bands managed to move to much bigger venues than the Theatre within … Continue reading Debate: Has the Scene Gone South?

Debate: "Inside, Out" Fact or Fiction?

It's the cult classic movie filmed in the mid-eighties that has led tons of people to Athens in pursuit of music, fame, and the right to drink beer and create stickpiles while in their pajamas. Athens, Ga.: Inside/Out caused quite a stir when being filmed and after it was released. Some hailed it as the … Continue reading Debate: "Inside, Out" Fact or Fiction?