First of the Year Athens Round Up

First up, according to their Twitter feed, the Modern Skirts are currently mixing their follow up to All of Us in Our Night. It has yet to be discovered which tracks will be included on the new record but "D.U.I." and "Bridges and Overpasses" have been played a lot live so maybe those songs will … Continue reading First of the Year Athens Round Up

Friday News Roundup

We reported that R.E.M. was one time zone over earlier this month (leaving New Orleans out of the report just for privacy's sake) but Stipey spilled the beans on REMHQ and posted the above video and this one as well. Hope you're having fun guys!MICHAEL & VANESSA @ WUOG PODCAST Click the link for the … Continue reading Friday News Roundup

Michael & Vanessa at WUOG TONIGHT!!

Photo By Terry Allen, stolen from Facebook Two of the most awesome people in the world are guest djaying on Sound of the City tonight! Pylon's Michael Lachowski and Vanessa Briscoe Hay are coming up to WUOG and will be spinning whatever the hell they want for an hour and a half or so. I'M … Continue reading Michael & Vanessa at WUOG TONIGHT!!

Sink Your Teeth into CHOMP MORE!

Oh, you have NO idea how long I've been waiting for this. Yes, some of you have been waiting longer just by virtue of age alone but seriously, Pylon has remastered CHOMP! Hell, they even added four tracks! It's the first time this record has been on cd! *insert massive hysterical squealing here*Chomp marked a … Continue reading Sink Your Teeth into CHOMP MORE!

Young, Foxy, and A Free Mattress

Since AthensMusicJunkie HQ is currently under construction (ie, I'm moving to a new apartment), I've had to acquire some new furniture. Chief among these is a queen sized mattress sans boxspring. After weeks of searching, I found one. A boxspring mattress. For free! A nice woman on Craigslist would leave it on her front porch … Continue reading Young, Foxy, and A Free Mattress

And You Can’t Even Cry…

2008: It's absolutely freezing tonight as Katie and I walk back on aching feet to the car parked way to far away. We don't notice the chill because we're overheated from dancing. I'm cursing myself for wearing these shoes. Katie's giggling away at my blushing face. "If only I'd gotten that camera out in time! … Continue reading And You Can’t Even Cry…