Contest: Win Tickets to the Modern Skirts This Friday!

Been way too long since I've held a contest so here goes! Be the first to send the right answer to with the subject line "Modern Skirts" and you'll get those tickets. Here's the question....Everyone loves Jojo. But few fans know his actual name. What is it? Tell us and you'll be seeing Jojo and the … Continue reading Contest: Win Tickets to the Modern Skirts This Friday!

Athens Music News Roundup

Casper and the Cookies just finished shooting some stuff for their next music video ("Sharp!"). You can check out the video to "Little King" here. Lots of familiar faces...The Modern Skirts will be playing a free show on Tuesday at Allgood for Mardi Gras! They say to bring your New Orleans liver...We bid farewell to … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup

Athens Music News Roundup

(Photo/Jordan Stepp  Hooray dayjob.)Yes, some of the links go back to my Flagpole stuff. It's just easier than typing it out twice. *end shameless self-promotion*TAKE OVER WUOG! You wanna DJ? Here's your chance. February 19-21 you can come up to the station and put whatever you want on air (within  FCC guidelines). Read a book, … Continue reading Athens Music News Roundup

First of the Year Athens Round Up

First up, according to their Twitter feed, the Modern Skirts are currently mixing their follow up to All of Us in Our Night. It has yet to be discovered which tracks will be included on the new record but "D.U.I." and "Bridges and Overpasses" have been played a lot live so maybe those songs will … Continue reading First of the Year Athens Round Up

Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie

So, in case you haven't noticed yet, we now have a youtube page up and running! It's only been up for a little over a month and we're already spreading the gospel that is Athens music to the world. And a little embed on this site did help.So far we've got two Pylon vids, an … Continue reading Athens Music Junkie: Youtube Junkie

Random Sighting (Sorta)

Our buddy Mike Mills from R.E.M. hopped onstage with the Modern Skirts at the 40 Watt on Saturday to play "Motorcade." I wasn't there but heard it was awesome. As is sometimes the case, I got a request Sunday morning for some pics. Having none myself, I headed to the Athens Banner Herald site and … Continue reading Random Sighting (Sorta)