I recently found a list of outlets I was hoping to write for once I graduated college. None exist in the same form as they did in 2010 and a great many of them died off long ago in the last great music blog war. Remember music blogs? Yeah... Sure, we all had a great … Continue reading Vapor.Wave.


What Constitutes "Athens Music"?

A while back I posted about the Legend of Zelda musical that some UGA students were staging. I was wondering if I "could" post the announcement since it was so different than what we normally talk about here. Usually, AMJ doesn't get into the theatre/orchestra areas of Athens. Yes, it's a shame and yes, we're … Continue reading What Constitutes "Athens Music"?

A little random musing…

City lights/shine so bright/all over this town....From my vantage point at my current location, I can see most of Athens. In the distance is the airport with all its landings and takeoffs and whatnot. Over there, no, over there a ways is Nuci's. And I figure that big thing right there is Sanford Stadium. Sure, … Continue reading A little random musing…