Random Sighting (Sorta)

Our buddy Mike Mills from R.E.M. hopped onstage with the Modern Skirts at the 40 Watt on Saturday to play "Motorcade." I wasn't there but heard it was awesome. As is sometimes the case, I got a request Sunday morning for some pics. Having none myself, I headed to the Athens Banner Herald site and … Continue reading Random Sighting (Sorta)

Happy Birthday Michael Stipe!

Athens' most well known scarf/hat enthusiast, I mean, singer/lyricist, turns 49 today. Kinda hard to underestimate the tremendous impact that Mr. Stipe has had on the music landscape in his career. Not to mention his work in politics, art, and general coolness.If anyone sees him out and about, wish him well from all of us … Continue reading Happy Birthday Michael Stipe!