What Constitutes "Athens Music"?

A while back I posted about the Legend of Zelda musical that some UGA students were staging. I was wondering if I "could" post the announcement since it was so different than what we normally talk about here. Usually, AMJ doesn't get into the theatre/orchestra areas of Athens. Yes, it's a shame and yes, we're … Continue reading What Constitutes "Athens Music"?


Reflections on a Weekend Spent

Sometimes what I do is extremely frustrating. Creating content day after day has that kind of effect on a person, I suppose. It's easy to get burned out, to take the easy road, to wonder why you're doing this at all...And then you happen across something unexpected, maybe it's a new band that blows you … Continue reading Reflections on a Weekend Spent

Tales of Misfortune: 40 Watts of Insanity

As I drove through Athens on Friday, I felt a chill run down my spine. Here I was in the place I had long considered home and I was just visiting for the night. The walk to Flagpole was made rather hellish by the hot and humid atmosphere, causing me to wonder just how badly … Continue reading Tales of Misfortune: 40 Watts of Insanity