10 Years On, The Future Tense

Man, we had no clue, did we? R.E.M. released Accelerate upon the world and it was immediately hailed by major outlets and by some fans as a much needed "return to form." The incredibly disappointing Around the Sun (2004) had done much to dampen the spirits of the R.E.M. faithful, despite it finding vibrant new … Continue reading 10 Years On, The Future Tense


R.E.M. in Atlanta Pics

My first ever R.E.M. show. Yeah, I know. I'm a nerd.Acceleration causes blurring.Why were they wearing coats? That's my question. It was so hot on the floor. I can only imagine what it was like onstage under lights!Wish I could've gotten a better shot of him. Guess it speaks to his energy level that he … Continue reading R.E.M. in Atlanta Pics